We train every other Friday evening at 11:30 - 01:30 (see schedule),
the training usually consists of a 10-15 minute free skate and warm-up
period, followed by Roger (our Coach) putting us through some drills, which
last about 30 minutes. Then the guys get separated into (ALMOST) equal teams
and the fun begins.

The training is open to anyone and everyone, the cost is 15 per session and full kit is needed.
If you are thinking of joining us for the extra training or simply looking to get into the sport, please
come down and introduce yourself to Tony or perhaps drop him an e-mail using the link below.

We are available for games at home on the Friday of training, should anyone be interested and we would also
travel to take on teams. We play strictly non-checking games and our aim is to build up a good rapport with all the
other recreational teams for good willed and friendly games. If you are interested in playing against us then please
drop us a line.

Thanks for visiting the site and good luck with your hockey.
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We are one of the few surviving
recreational teams at the Bracknell
ice rink. The team celebrates its 20th
anniversary this year and we have players with
a wide range of experience, coupled with guys
who just wanna have fun.
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